Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia - 2002 onwards


A historic Central Victorian old town within easy reach of Melbourne
Malmsbury is home to a creative community of about 600



Written 2006 prior to being bypassed by the Calder Highway...




Jacqueline and the Malmsbury Viaduct, Malmsbury 2006
When completed Malmsbury's was the largest bluestone viaduct in Victoria.



"The Avenue of Poplars"Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006
Original trees from "The Avenue of Poplars" with replacement plantings


Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006





Mollison St. Malmsbury 2006
The home and dispensary of Dr Edward Davy around 1860. The doctor, a remarkable man
was one of the pre-eminent pioneers of Electric Telegraphy in London
prior to his thirty years of country practice and public duty in Malmsbury.




"The Mill", formerly Blyth's Mill. Malmsbury 2006
Restored in the 1970s it has had a variety of uses since then



"The Res" and the Water is Low. Malmsbury 2004
Built in the 1870s to supply water to the goldfields of Castlemaine and Bendigo it is part of the Upper Coliban Scheme.




Locomotive Crane, Malmsbury Railway Station 2006
The railway extending north from Malmsbury to Castlemaine in 1862.
Malmsbury no longer being the railhead
suffered a decline in prosperity.



Ellesmere Place Malmsbury, 2006
Leading to the Malmsbury Cricket Ground... the MCG





Ross St 2006 - looking North (Day) Malmsbury 2006
The poplars to the joy of some and regret of others have since been removed


Ross St 2006 - looking South (Evening), Malmsbury 2006




Lone Pine View, Malmsbury 2002
Situated near the Cemetery with a fine view of the Malmsbury Viaduct and Mt.Alexande
r in the distance


Jacqueline and Jag Mk2, Malmsbury 2006
Between Lauriston and Malmsbury on Young's Road




Path in Barker St, Malmsbury 2006




Looking South towards Malmsbury 2002




Looking East, Malmsbury 2003
In the distance is Tarrangower Estate one of Malmsbury's fine Vineyards





Post Office Road, Malmsbury 2006
Prior to the recent upgrading of the road. Mount Alexander is in the distance





Mount Alexander Skyscape (Miniature) Malmsbury 2006
in the early hours as a teenager in Melbourne I walked home along Mount Alexander Rd.
I wondered where Mt. Alexander was.
Here it is in the distance viewed from Post Office Road
the road out of Melbourne to the gold diggings around Mt Alexander in Castlemaine and Bendigo
on which Malmsbury was located.




"The Pines" Malmsbury 2006
One of Malmsbury's early farms from the 1800s
Enchanting first time I saw it, hidden from the road with the intact cart in the shed
it has now been restored and is in use once again.




Post Office Road, Malmsbury 2006.
Parts of Post Office Rd are cobbled from the Gold Rush days.



Post Office Road No.2 Malmsbury 2006
Photo prior to the recent upgrading of the road



Emu, Post Office Road. Malmsbury 2006
Native to the area, this emu is believed to have derived from those released some years ago following unsuccessful commercial ventures.




Emu, Post Office Road No.2 Malmsbury 2006





"Sweetie" in the Fields, Malmsbury 2002




Discarded Farm Equipment, Malmsbury 2002
Single Mould Board Plough




The year's contestants for the annual "Malmsbury Sheep Kissing Competition" 2004





Lake and Bridge in Fog. Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006


Lake and Bridge in Fog No.2 Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006




Malmsbury Viaduct in Fog, Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006



Panorama with Path and the Viaduct, Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006




Malmsbury Botanical Gardens - Malmsbury 2006
Baron Von Mueller, Director of Melb's Royal Botanic Garden contributed specimens to the establishment of Malmsbury's Gardens.
Work began in 1863 with the garden established by 1865.

Panorama with Light on Left Malmsbury Botanical Gardens 2006



The Italian Gardens No.1 Taradale 2005
During the late 1800s an Italian self-supporting community existed for some decades
between Malmsbury and Taradale on the banks of the Coliban River.



The Italian Gardens No.2 Taradale 2005
Withered fruit trees line paths on the property.



Mount Macedon under Moonlight. Mount Macedon 2006
A familiar view to and from Melbourne




A few photographs following the exhibiton in 2007




Taradale Viaduct under a full moon, 2007





Cockatoos, Ross St. 2011




A project documenting the people who lived in Malmsbury beginning around 2010. About 40 people or groups had been photographed. Unfortunately most of the photos lost due to a computer problem. The following photos were published in Malmsbury Mail at that time.



Peter Collins, 2009


The Bromleys, 2010



Nick Lyon, 2010



Sue & Jeremy, 2010



For the Malmsbury Friends of the Gardens to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Malmsbury Viaduct, 2010



Malmsbury's resident geese, 2020